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Emma Lost 30kg On The Lady Shake


Hi, I'm Emma and I've lost 30kg with The Lady Shake!


I was sick of trying different crash diets and starving myself, so my housemate at the time recommended The Lady Shake. One try and I was hooked! I was getting all the nutrients my body needed and I wasn’t on a crash diet. I’ve lost 30kg since I started my weight loss journey with The Lady Shake.


My favourite flavour is the Choc Mint, it tastes like an Aero without all the sugar. My routine was a shake for breakfast and lunch, a Lady Bar for morning tea, and a healthy, high-protein dinner. 


I get the shakes and bars in a bundle, so I can avoid unhealthy snacks.


Since I’ve started The Lady Shake, I feel healthy and full of energy.


If you’re looking for inspiration on getting started – go for it! You have nothing to lose, only good to gain. 


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