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Kat Lost 15kg On The Lady Shake


Hi, my name is Kat and I've lost 15kg!


I had gotten to the stage where I was uncomfortable, I was struggling to breathe while walking at times, and doing basic things with my daughter was getting harder. I actually started with The Man Shake, I wanted to improve my overall health and energy levels so that I could enjoy life with my daughter more comfortably.


I started my weight loss journey on the 17th of January 2024 at 109kg. In this time, I have had a few little breaks along the way to enjoy life. We had eight nights at the Gold Coast, and I just had the shakes for breakfast and ate normally during the rest of the day. 


I’ve had a few weekends during that time where I wasn't as strict with my eating, such as my daughter’s birthday and Easter. Since I started taking the shakes, I start my day with a 5km walk, aiming for 4-5 days a week. For the past five years I have attended Dubbo Stampede, doing the 5.3km walk. I have now registered to do the 10km in August this year, and my goal is to be able to run part of the way!


I start my day with a GO! Shake for breakfast, tuna and crackers or avocado on Vita-Weats for morning tea, a shake and rice cakes for lunch, a snack bar for afternoon tea, and dinner in which I cut the size compared to what I use to eat. I mostly prefer the coffee flavoured shakes, so have the GO! Espresso for breakfast and Coffee flavour shake for lunch. 


When purchasing I swap between the Buy 3 Get 1 Free and the Rapid Weight Loss Pack for when I need the bars. 


I am now 15kg down and feel like I am so much more comfortable in my body and have so much more energy! I still have a long way to go but I now know that I can do it. 


Every day you do something is better than doing nothing. When you have a bad day, get back up the next day and try again.


Note from The Lady Shake Team: 

Yes, women can drink The Man Shake if they prefer it! While The Lady Shake is specifically designed for effective weight loss for typical female body types, it's perfectly safe for all genders to drink either The Lady Shake or The Man Shake. Find more frequently asked questions answered here!