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Keri Lost 31kg On The Lady Shake


Hi, I'm Keri and I've lost 31kg with The Lady Shake!


I had been big for 30 years. Medications turned me inside out and blew me up to a size 24-26 from a size 12-14. I didn't know what hit me. Not only was I suffering from Fibromyalgia but now my body was carrying all this extra weight.   


A few years later I developed arthritis throughout my whole body.


I thought I just have to lose weight! I exercised till I crawled with pain. I tried so many different concoctions. I hated being so big. It wasn't me. I felt like a hippo. I didn't want to go out as I was so embarrassed with my body. 


Thirteen years ago, I tripped and wrecked my knee, and was told I needed a knee replacement. "Oh, but you’re too heavy. You need to lose weight before you can have surgery.”


Still trying everything to lose weight. I was trying any new trend that came out. BUT NOTHING WAS WORKING!


I was really struggling, I had to use crutches at all times. I couldn’t exercise, and now needed two knee replacements because the other knee went out too. I needed to lose weight so I could have surgery.


A couple of years ago, I went across the road and visited my neighbour. I was venting my frustrations over not being able to lose the weight. She told me about The Lady Shake, and ended up giving me two weeks’ worth to try. 


In all honesty I really didn’t have any hope of The Lady Shake working. I was really depressed at this point. 


I started taking The Lady Shake, two per day. I didn't weigh myself until the first week was finished. OMG I'd actually lost 3kg! I just sat there and cried. I bawled like a baby! Finally, something works.  


I was loving the different ways of having The Lady Shake. I'd blend frozen fruit in it or I'd put peanut butter and honey and half a banana. My favourite method was to blend the Strawberry shake and Chocolate shake together. Add some frozen berries and bam you have a black forest shake!


I had my first knee replacement in 2023 and my second one on Valentine's Day 2024 (best prezzie ever!). Plus my orthopaedic surgeon is going to recommend The Lady Shake to others as he's seen what a success it's been for me!


I'm still on The Lady Shake today. I weigh 100kg now but still want to lose more. I was 131kg. I NEVER want to be that big again. I plan on staying on The Lady Shake. I typically only have one shake per day and that's at lunchtime. My new favourite Shake in the Vanilla Latte GO! Yummy! 


I will be forever grateful to The Lady Shake and my neighbour.