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Danielle Lost 25kg on The Lady Shake!


Hiya, I’m Danielle, I’m from South Australia, and so far I’ve lost 25kg on The Lady Shake!

My journey has been one which I never thought I would ever have to be on. I used to weigh 55kg, and in 2013 I had a car accident. From neck, shoulder and back issues related to my accident I gained a lot of weight, and it had a huge impact on my mental health. I started emotionally eating and didn’t really do anything to better myself.  

I didn’t have a routine for exercise, eating or sleeping, and it got to the point where people used to stop me and repeatedly ask when I was due, or how far along I was. I wasn’t pregnant. I’d look at myself in the mirror and would often be in tears as I had no confidence in myself, and would always cover up my body and wear loose clothing.  

In the past I’ve tried eating healthy meals and low-carb diets with some success, but I found that I always lacked the motivation and energy to continue. I would always put the weight back on, and because I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks I was constantly feeling flat and exhausted all the time.  

In May 2022 it was suggested to me to try The Lady Shake. I was weighing in at just shy of 100kg at 99.8kg, and I had never felt more ready for a change.  

I looked into the shakes straight away and grabbed a starter pack from the local shops — and that decision changed my entire world!  

I’m part of The Lady Club on Facebook and I am always feeling so inspired and motivated by the community. Since starting the shakes I’ve learnt how to enjoy exercise and create healthy routines, and how to meal prep.  

Meal prepping has been a huge game changer for me because it’s helped decrease all my cravings, while saving time, boosting my mood and energy levels. Because of my new-found confidence with meal prepping, I feel okay about having a ‘fun’ meal or snack every now and then without guilt.  

I follow the Rapid Weight Loss Plan, which is two shakes a day, two snacks a day (I always have a Lady Bar for one of these!), and then I eat whatever is on the home menu for dinner. It’s important to me to have variation, so I keep it exciting by pre-making two weeks' worth of flavours in ziplock bags, so I never know what I’m having until I SHAKE!

I’m obsessed with Honeycomb, but I also love the classic Chocolate, Caramel and Strawberry ones toos. I buy Vanilla and use it as a mixer/base flavour as well. I love combining flavours together to make something new, and my absolute favourites are The Crunchie (Chocolate and Honeycomb) and The Neapolitan (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry). To make sure I always have my staple flavours I buy the Rapid Weight Loss Pack, which comes with four bags of shake, and three boxes of bars. My favourite Lady Bars are Choc Berry and Choc Mint, and sometimes I alternate between Chunky Choc, Choc Hazelnut and Choc Peanut Butter too! Oh, and the Choc Super Greens have been a lifesaver in the winter months — such a healthier version for hot chocolate!  

Since using The Lady Shake I feel amazing. I’m so happy and healthy, and more determined than ever to continue my journey to reach my goal of 60-65kg! I have a positive outlook on what I can achieve both mentally and physically. I’ve lost 25kg so far and I’m not slowing down anytime soon!  

My best advice to anyone who is starting their Lady Shake journey is to change your motivational reasons every couple of months. Set little goals both mentally and physically, and be your own cheerleader. Cheer yourself on whenever you have the smallest bit of success, may it be the scales, clothing sizes or centimetres lost! Forgive yourself when you don’t stick to the plan, but congratulate yourself for jumping back on. And, you will have challenges, you will have ups and downs, and that’s okay. We are only human after all on the journey to a better ourselves.