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Chelsea lost a kilo a week for 20 weeks, 20kg down!


Hi, I’m Chelsea and so far I’ve lost 20kgs in 20 weeks on The Lady Shake!

My story began when I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an ad for The Lady Shake. I went on the website and ended up reading all about it. I remember saying to myself, “I know I’m going to end up getting sucked into this!”

I texted my husband and asked if he would do it with me, as I knew I wouldn’t be motivated to do it alone. He was keen, so I bought a Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle – each! I skipped past the sample packs.... it was clear I was already very committed! I was tired of hating myself, and I wanted to be a better example to our children. I wanted to teach them about self-love, and how to be healthy.

When the shakes first arrived I was so excited to try them with just water – having tried other brands before, I was pleasantly surprised with how good The Lady Shake tasted!

My weight loss routine

My husband and I started on two shakes a day, we were having one shake for breakfast and one shake for lunch each, and then just a normal, smaller portioned dinner. My go-to snacks are corn thins with avo, or nuts or whatever protein. My favourite way to have the shakes is with half water and half almond milk.

I now have one shake a day at lunch and have opted for a low-calorie breakfast as I have reached my goal! My go-to flavours are Vanilla, Chocolate and Honeycomb! But when I order the Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle I usually get two Chocolate and two Vanilla for myself.

I honestly feel amazing since starting The Lady Shake. My back isn’t sore anymore, my clothes that were too small are now too big (!!!) and I feel so much healthier and happier.

If I can do it, so can you!

My words of inspiration for any ladies looking to start their journey are to use ME as an example of hope. I love food (and I mean LOVE) but I really do look forward to my shakes. Being on The Lady Shake makes treat meals that much more special. If I can do it, so can you!