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Fiona Lost 42kg On The Lady Shake


As of July 2024, I’ve been on The Lady Shake for a year and have lost 42kg. Even though I’m still in pain with my back and hip, I’m working through the pain with my exercises.


It’s a new financial year, a new month and we’re in the second month of winter, but nothing is going to stop me. I have set a new goal and that is to be down to 80kg or less by Christmas. You have to have goals to succeed. 


I am addicted to the Espresso GO! and the Vanilla Latte GO! but let’s talk about BOOST — OMG, I can’t believe how good it is! I’m a totally different person because I’m medicated for pain and epilepsy. With taking the BOOST, I’m so alert, not falling asleep and I’m back to my very old self. I am that happy-go-lucky girl again, which I was many years ago. I’m more focused, I’m talkative again – I haven’t been able to stop talking! And I am singing. Yesterday I had a song on my mind and couldn’t stop singing it. 


The Lady Shake is everything it said it was. I’m so glad I chose to take it, I feel alive again, it’s a miracle. I couldn’t say enough fantastic things about it, it’s that great and it has worked for me.


I had been on the Lite 'n' Easy diet and lost 14kg for my trip to Fiji in 2019 and got down to 106kg. I put back on that 14kg and 8kg more which made me 128kg. I haven’t told many people this, but I got the sack from my work. After that I got extremely depressed, it broke my heart because that was my passion in life. I believed that I was put on this Earth to care for people. I love people and love interacting with people of different cultures, age and those with disabilities. That happened back in 2021, nearly three years to the day I was fired.

Thanks to The Lady Shake and everyone in The Lady Shake community and group, you have all saved my life. I was in the darkest place and am now happy-go-lucky. I am a fun, loving, caring person who loves to be silly, crazy, mad and all the fun things a person should be. I have got that back again. 

Excuse me if anyone is offended by this — I love myself again. I think I look sexy and when I go out, I do like to look sexy and shake my bum when I’m walking to draw attention of people who think I look good. 

I got down to 86kg then I put on 6kg somehow, but I am back down to 90kg now. 


Thank you so much to The Lady Shake, their team and all the very special Lady Shakers, even though I don’t know you, I feel that I do and to the very special ladies that I have made friends with in the group, you will always have a special place in my heart. You ladies know who you are, so I don’t have to name you.