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How Jenny Lost 10kg During Menopause


Hi my name is Jenny, I’m turning 49 this year and dealing with menopause symptoms. I’ve managed to lose 10kg and 44cm in just over four-and-a-half months and still working towards my next weight loss goal.

I actually started doing The Lady Shake back in January 2021 during the lockdowns of COVID and lost 6kg in five months. But once life got back to normal the weight just came back on again.

I had success in losing weight back in 2012 when I lost 17kg doing Lite n Easy after having my son. I felt amazing and finally loved the way I looked.

I then fell pregnant and at 24 weeks lost my daughter. My world fell apart and my weight just didn’t seem important anymore.

Fast forward to the present being a single mum with a teenage son and going through menopause, I knew I needed to do something when I felt the way I was feeling with hot flushes, bloating, no energy and no sleep.

So I started my journey, determined to look and feel good before I turned 50! I decided to try the new Lady Shake GO! Shake Vanilla Latte for breakfast and I was hooked.

My regular routine when I started was:

Breakfast: Lady Shake GO! with frozen banana, ice, PB powder, 60ml of almond milk and 200ml of water. I love having my shakes like a frappe the thicker the better!

Snack: 160g of Yopro Yogurt. Mix in 10g Lady Shake Dessert Mousse (sometimes 5g of chocolate and 5g of Hokey Pokey), 3g of PB powder. Add strawberries and bananas.

(This snack is a game changer! It’s so filling and full of protein. You can add the normal Lady Shake powder instead of the Dessert Mousse for different flavours and change the yogurt flavour you use as well).

Lunch: Corn thins with cottage cheese and tuna, or cottage cheese added to hard boiled eggs with curry powder to make a curried egg mix (this is so good!).

Dinner: Protein of chicken, seafood or meat with salad or veggies.

After dinner snack: Popcorn, dark chocolate, diet jelly and ice cream or whatever I decide I feel like within my calories for the day.

I use My Fitness Pal to track my calories and make sure to eat protein in all three main meals to keep me feeling full.

The only exercise I do is walking. It’s such a great way to get the exercise you need and throw those ear buds into your ears, pump up the music and forget about everything else for a while.
I’m also a competitive ten-pin bowler so I also burn my calories doing that as well.

Since I have lost the 10kg I feel like my symptoms of menopause have gotten a lot better. I’m not feeling bloated anymore and I have a lot more energy. Losing weight as you get older is hard but I believe if you are motivated and want to do it you will.

My advice for anyone in the same boat wanting to start their journey would be to be prepared. Have the healthy snacks in your fridge or cupboard, make your lunch for the day or pack a Lady Shake or bar into your bag for just in case. The key to being successful is definitely planning ahead! The Lady Club Facebook group is very helpful for ideas and motivation as well!

You don’t have to be strict to lose weight. If you want to eat something, eat it. Never deprive yourself something because when you do that, that’s when you over indulge and binge. A diet should be something you can stick to like a way of life, not something that you dread doing.