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Tina lost 26kg!


My name is Tina Tasselli, I'm 48 years old and I have lost 26kg thanks to TLS and just have 4kg to go.

I’m self-employed, a wife and mum of 3 adult boys. I started my Lady Shake journey on January the 11th of 2022. My mind was made up after seeing several photos of myself and the fact that I couldn't get upstairs, needing most times the help of my adult boys to push me up the stairs at night. I could barely walk and had put on 30kg over 2.5 years - it was taking over my life. I had a lupus flare and couldn't get my thyroid meds right.

I couldn't sit properly, I couldn't run and walking was more of a chore so my goal was to lose the 30kg with the lady shake, I have now lost 26kg and just have 4kg to go.

My youngest son told me about the lady shake so I bought my first box and loved it. I would have 2 shakes a day with a light dinner and was very content. The only thing I couldn't give up was my coffee as it's my little piece of happiness. Banana and vanilla are hands down my favourite flavour and the super greens are also delicious and very welcoming in the winter.

My routine was 1 shake for breakfast and 1 shake for lunch as they filled me up so I wouldn't need a snack. My dinner consists of veges and a protein with no carbs. After losing my first 15-20kg, I would then only fit 1 X shake brunch then afternoon tea fruit or natural yoghurt followed by dinner slowly added in a bit of carbs or dessert. 1 week and still go out for dinner but choose healthy options and my weight still falls of

I started going for walks and as the weight started to drop off, I was able to walk much better. I do physio to help regain my muscle strength back that I lost but continue with my shakes every day.

I would give anyone the advice to start straight away. Don't wait - you will feel great in your self without having to give up everything. I can even drink wine but limit to once a week! The Lady Shake is the best diet I have ever done!