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Merle dropped from 60kg to 50kg in less than a year!


Hi, I'm Merle and I’ve lost 10kgs thanks to The Lady Shake!

When I first started The Lady Shake I was very close to 60kgs, and given that I’m quite short, I was eager to lose some weight. I turned 76 last December and was having some knee problems, plus I’m a grandma now (I always call myself ‘Grandma Merle!’) so I knew it was time.

I had tried to lose those extra kilos with other shakes but found I constantly failed and lost motivation quickly. When I saw an ad for The Lady Shake, I thought “Why not try again?” and that is where my journey began!

The beautiful journey of The Lady Shake started when I joined the wonderful Lady Club group – where we all exchange views on how we are doing and how we’re maintaining our journeys.

I followed the Rapid Plan for the first five months of two shakes a day, and then gradually reduced to one shake a day. I always have two snacks in the morning and afternoon and a balanced lunch or dinner. I drink 6-8 tall glasses of water every day and sometimes infuse it with citrus essence or cordial to make it tastier.

I try to exercise three times a week, and I make sure to do the exercises that are best appropriate for my knees to take, such as chair seated exercises. I really like YouTube videos like; Walking at Home with Leslie Sanzone, Getting Fit with Ric, and Exercises with Keony and his Mum. I also try to help other ladies by sharing with our members of The Lady Club.

My husband and I get together with my family a lot and during these events and celebrations, I enjoy eating but just watch my portion control. One thing I love doing is my own home cooking. I love preparing and cooking a few batches to freeze and consume weekly. I also love sharing my daily meal plans with the group!

Now at 50kgs, I am so happy! Overall, I know that there is not much to lose from the start, but The Lady Shake made it a short and fun journey that was easy to follow.

A big thanks to The Lady Shake and the wonderful group. Let’s power on, we can all do it! Women are so powerful!