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Joan is full of life after losing 21 kg


I am 53, I live in Victoria and have lost 21kg so far, I would like to lose another 7 to 10kg.

I started my journey in January (now July) after needing to buy bigger clothes. My clothes started to become tighter, I thought well I could keep buying the next size up which would’ve been a size 24/26 or do something about it. I said to myself that I was sick of being fat 108kg.  So when I  saw the ad on TV for The Lady Shakes I said to my partner that I'm going to give them a go and buy a sample box and since then I haven't looked back. Buying in bulk from The Lady Shake is the easiest thing I have ever done!  I look so much healthier and fitter.

I'd previously tried reducing the amount of food, Weight Watchers, etc etc to lose the weight but nothing worked for me until I found The Lady Shake.

It fit into my daily life easily; I have 2 shakes a day, breakfast and lunch.

The biggest roadblock was my partner & I used to visit bakery’s every weekend and eat whatever now we don’t.  I still enjoy a cappuccino tho.

The biggest difference since losing the weight is I have gone down to a 14 in clothes from 22.  And I am feeling good about myself and normal.  I work in Age Care and one resident said to me so where’s the other half haha, I told her it has gone for good, ran away. I feel so confident and full of life.

If someone was thinking about starting, I would say to that someone go for it! They are delicious and soooooo easy to do.  And the only difficult thing is to know what flavour to have.

Thank you so much Lady Shake for my new way of life!