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Jackie lost 13 kg!


I am 56 years old, from NSW and I have lost an average of 13 kg

I had been quite unhappy about my weight for some time & I was just not happy in life. My life completely changed when I lost my house to an electrical fire in May 2019, I lost everything. Then in November 2019, my workload in my job was unachievable, I not only was doing a role that should have been covered by at least 2 people. A replacement manager had me in tears & kept piling on the workload, I finally caved in & had a breakdown in December 2019. This led me to seek medical help to get a grasp on my mental health. After many counsellor visits, I regained some sanity back into my life, this helped my thought processes to move forward.........It was time for change! I resigned from work in May 2020, I spent a couple of months deciding what I was going to do. I then started creating my own business while still living a rather unhealthy life, I still wasn't truly happy.

I thought by leaving work I would be happy, but I wasn't, that was just the start of my journey to healing. September 2020 was time for another part of my journey to reveal itself, I had to be honest with myself, I looked in the mirror & asked what I really wanted in life. It was for a happy & healthy life & time for me.

I used to see the Lady Shake ads on TV, I normally do not take any notice of ads that promote weight loss, however this time I was drawn to the positive results people were having. I was ready!

This had to be a priority for it to work, I pre-ordered online to ensure I had enough to see me through, I would pre-make my shakes for the following day, if I went away for a few days I bagged my shake portions so it was always on hand. I was determined to make this work, no matter what the situation I was in at the time. Consistency, priority & organisation was the key......I made it fit into my daily routine.

It was just being honest with myself. I didn't really have any roadblocks, I guess I just had to stop using excuses to get healthy and just do it........for me!

My whole world started to change, I was becoming this new person who was enjoying fitness & well-balanced food groups. I was trying things I had never done before, Like Aqua fitness groups & weights which has also opened up many social doors into my world of meeting like-minded people.........Mind you I think I am a little addicted to fitness now; I just love those feel-good endorphins. I also love to walk on my own by the beautiful Nambucca Heads waterways in NSW, this is my own headspace of thinking healing!

It does get a little hard to describe the feeling, but I kinda like this new woman, I not only enjoy clothes shopping now, but I feel mentally fit as well as physically fit. It all seems to be interconnected & they bounce off each other. You know that James Brown song "I Feel Good" well I truly do!

We all have a story behind us that lead us on many different paths in life, regardless of what path you're on, make changes for you & you only. Start off small & build on it & before you know it, you will have completely changed your lifestyle, you will surprise yourself with what you can do when you put your mind to it, knowing this is for YOU! Overcome your obstacles, if you need to talk to a professional, then do it, if you need to open up to a close friend, then do it, if you want to seek out like-minded people, then do it........Remember this is for you!