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Alisa Lost 34kgs in a year!


Hi, my name is Alisa and I have lost 34kgs in 1 year thanks to the LS!

I started my journey with my husband on the 23rd Feb 2022 and I have since gone from a size 20 to a size 10. I have never been a size 10 in my adult life!

It started when one of my daughter’s school friends said to my daughter "Your Mum is so fat" and every time I looked in the mirror, I hated what I saw but I didn't have the motivation to do anything about it due to my mental health until my hubby decided it was time for us both to try the LS and MS.

I started on the weight loss plan of 2 shakes, but I have been maintaining with 1 shake for breakfast for over 3 months now. I really enjoy my breakfast shake and I have no intentions of giving that up anytime soon. I have tried all of the flavours and choc mint is by far my favourite, I also like the honeycomb, but choc mint is a staple in my diet.

I also increased my water intake to 3 litres a day and started walking 6kms a day. I then won a free membership for a 6-week challenge with a local gym and that was the 2nd boost I needed. I then signed up for 12 months after the challenge.

I have toned so much and built muscle I never thought I'd have. I can now keep up with my kids, my energy levels are so much higher and I'm not the fat Mum anymore thanks to the Lady Shake. I am healthier and so much happier!

My motivation for maintaining my weight loss is being able to walk into any clothing store, pick up a size 12 and know it’s going to fit! If anything, it can be too big. That is an amazing feeling! Going down from 107.4kgs to 73.4kgs is something I am extremely proud of.

My advice is don't wait until tomorrow or next week. Jump in and start TODAY. It will change your life for the better🥰 If I can do it anyone can! You've got this ladies ❤️!