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Rebecca lost 13.7kgs on The Lady Shake!


Hi, I’m Bec and I lost 13.7kgs on The Lady Shake!  

My journey started about seven years ago when I was 56kgs and never seemed to put on weight. I could eat whatever I wanted and it never affected me. I decided to quit smoking and that’s when everything changed.

I started to notice the odd kilo or two adding on, but nothing was concerning enough to change my eating habits or to exercise. Seven years on I was 49, staring down the barrel of menopause, and weighing almost 75kgs. It was a huge wakeup call!

I was becoming increasingly unhappy with how I looked and felt. The extra weight was starting to take a toll on my joints and my outlook on life and energy. I tried a few weight loss fads to shift the kilos, including ‘weight loss tablets’ which I found online that were supposed to help me lose weight fast, but of course they were never going to work.  

I saw an ad on Facebook for The Lady Shake and while reading the testimonials on the website I remembered an old boss from years ago who used them and would always rave about how good they were. So, I decided to take the plunge and ordered the Starter Pack - I was ready for a change!  

I started my Lady Shake journey on the 4th of July, 2023 when I was weighing in at 74.8kgs. I set my ‘goal weight’ to be between 60-62kgs by my 50th birthday, which was on the 7th of December. This gave me just shy of 5 months to change my life around! What better way to spoil myself for my 50th than to take care of my health?

My Weight Loss Routine

  1. From 7 pm to 10 am, I would fast.
  2. At 10 am, I would break my fast with some Greek yoghurt, fruit or Lady Bars. The Lady Club Facebook group has been great for giving snack suggestions.
  3. At 1 pm, I would have my Lady Shake! I only have one a day as it just suits my routine best. I have two scoops of Lady Shake with 500ml of water, a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt and berries. I pop it all into the blender, and it’s the perfect lunch! I honestly didn’t expect them to taste so delicious!
  4. Usually, I will have my second snack around 3 pm, which varies between fruit or something with protein such as tuna and crackers.
  5. I have my dinner around 6:30 pm, and typically, it’s chicken and salad or veggies. Since starting The Lady Shake, I’ve completely changed my eating habits for dinnertime and stopped eating processed foods altogether, which has been excellent. 
  6. When I first started The Lady Shakes my favourite flavour initially was the Cookies and Cream, but then I discovered Choc Honeycomb! That one is definitely the best, and I found it’s even better if you add a scoop of muesli into the blender with it! I always get the ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’ bundle as I feel like it’s the best value. I also got my husband onto The Man Shake, and I got him the same bundle. He loves the Chocolate flavour the most!

Since starting The Lady Shake I’ve begun feeling so much ‘lighter’ within myself. It’s a great feeling! I’ve started brisk powerwalking for about an hour, which I do three to four times a week. One of the things I really love about The Lady Shake and the Facebook group is that I’ve learnt that no foods are ‘off limits’, you just have to have them in moderation, and to exercise portion control. So, that’s exactly what I do! If I want to have a sneaky treat, I have it. Allowing myself treats every now and then it honestly helps me stay on track and motivated because I’m not deprived.  

Fast forward to the 7th of December, my 50th birthday. I stepped onto the scales that morning and I weighed in at 61.1kgs - which means I achieved my goal! I’m so proud of myself for sticking to my goal, putting myself first and prioritising my health! It’s a great feeling.  

I now feel in control of my body and life again. I haven’t quite reached menopause, but now I’ve given myself a head start on the anticipated weight gain. I’m not worried about what menopause might bring, as I now have the knowledge and the skills to control my weight.  

My advice to anyone starting this amazing journey is to give yourself small, achievable weight loss goals so that you can champion yourself along the way. Giving yourself 5kgs mini milestones definitely helps to keep the momentum going! Another piece of advice I wish I’d known sooner is that the scales can be horrid at times, so try not to obsess when you do your weigh-ins. It’s easy to fall into the trap of weighing yourself daily, but the most motivating thing I found was when I started to notice my clothes getting looser and needing to buy smaller sizes!  When you first start your journey make sure you take your measurements – seeing the centimetres fall away is a great motivator too!