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Kathleen Lost 43kgs On The Lady Shake!


Hi, I’m Kathleen, and I’ve lost 43kgs on The Lady Shake!  

I had gastric sleeve surgery in 2019, so before starting the shakes I was very familiar with meal replacements as part of pre- and post-op diets. Ever since I had my surgery I really struggled to stomach any form of meal replacements as I found my taste buds had changed so much too. Despite having gastric sleeve surgery I was still weighing in at 103.5kgs, and knew I needed to make a lifestyle change to better myself.  

My girlfriend got me onto The Lady Shake, as she also had bariatric surgery and couldn’t stop raving about how yummy the strawberry shake was! She gave me a sample to try, and I absolutely loved it.  

After trying the strawberry shake, I purchased my first bag – Choc Honeycomb. Delicious! I tried some of my partner’s other flavours, and they were all so yummy. I love taking a different flavour to work each day for lunch. They're so easy to take with you if you’re on the go, and so quick to make! I mix two scoops of shake with 600mL of chilled water from the fridge.  

I found that since having my operation my digestive health really changed – my metabolism is a lot slower, and I often struggle to comfortably process a lot of foods. However, The Lady Shake works wonders – it doesn’t cause any bloating or discomfort and sits well in my stomach. I’m yet to try all of the flavours, but from what I’ve tried so far, they’ve all been delicious! My favourite flavour is the Mocha GO! shake, which is surprising because I’m not much of a coffee lover.

Since trying The Lady Shake I’ve lost 43kgs, which is absolutely amazing. My lowest weight was 60.5kgs, however now I’m comfortably sitting at 63.9kgs. The Lady Shake has helped me change my life for the better, and I am so grateful.  

If anyone is thinking of trying The Lady Shake and still sitting on the fence, I would just say to take the plunge and do it! I have seen so many women have amazing weight loss results from the program, and I’ve experienced the benefits myself personally. What does anyone have to lose, except weight of course?