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Jacqui lost 14kgs on The Lady Shake!


Hi, I’m Jacqui, and I’ve lost 14kgs on The Lady Shake! I’m the proud mum of three girls, and I was ready to change my life!

I have Hashimoto’s Disease and because of this, I was feeling depressed and lethargic, which was leading to weight gain. I knew I had to do something about it, but everything I tried in the past didn’t work. A friend told me about The Lady Shake and it seemed right up my alley. As soon as I could, I placed an online order and haven’t looked back since!

I started my journey in August 2022. I went straight to the Rapid Loss Program, where I had a shake for breakfast, a low-calorie snack for morning tea, a shake for lunch, another snack later, and then a small healthy meal for dinner. I still allowed myself a glass of wine now and then too!

My exercise routine consists of a lot of walking and I’ve started doing reformer Pilates to keep up my strength training. Walking has been so good for my mental health and I love listening to podcasts!

My favourite flavours are Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee. I also love the GO! range for breakfast, especially if I’m running out of the door early. I’m also obsessed with the Choc Hazelnut Lady Bars. My order is always a mix of those shakes with the Buy 3 Get 1 Free bundle as it is such a great deal!

To say I’m feeling like a new person is an understatement! I’m currently 14kgs down and thanks to my last blood results, my doctor said I could take half my thyroid medication! Ladies, make the decision and believe in yourself, the rest will follow and you will feel great!