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Renae Lost 82kg With The Lady Shake


My name is Renae and I’ve lost 82kg on The Lady Shake!


My motivation to try The Lady Shake products was after my doctor told me in 2022 that my health was deteriorating. I was at risk of passing away in just a few years if I didn't get my weight and health under control. 


I had several health conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, and a hormonal imbalance. I was constantly sick with chest infections and other viruses. 


I had previously heard such great feedback about The Lady Shake from friends and colleagues, so when I decided to have a gastric bypass, I started using The Lady Shake alongside the pre-op diet and continued using the shakes as I loved them so much.


The Lady Shake helped me lose 15kg prior to surgery, which was able to shrink my liver enough to ensure I had the best chance of a successful bypass and still lose weight post-op. 


I had the gastric bypass in May 2022, and have used The Lady Shake in conjunction with this tool to ensure I was getting plenty of nutrients and vitamins while continuing to lose weight.  


My current goal is to lose another 15kg, and then maintain it by using a variety of The Lady Shake products that I enjoy so much. 

I was using The Lady Shake to replace two meals per day while making sure I had healthy snacks in between the meals to keep my metabolism active. I enjoy all the flavours, however a few of my favourites are Choc Mint, Caramel and Coffee.


I have previously purchased the Assorted Packs however I enjoy Choc Mint, Caramel, Coffee and Vanilla the most.


My partner has also lost 50kg on The Man Shake! So, we have both done incredibly well. 


The Lady Shake has changed my life. I am healthier and happier than ever before. To say it’s been life-changing is an understatement. I feel amazing. I have my life back, my health conditions have gone, and I'm no longer on medications. 


Don't hesitate – get started today. Do it for you! You deserve to feel healthy and happy within yourself.