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Margaret lost 20kgs on The Lady Shake!


Hello, I’m Margaret, I'm 61 years old, and I’ve lost 20kgs on The Lady Shake.  

In September 2022 I weighed approximately 81kgs, my cholesterol was a little high, and I felt my weight was creeping up. I was struggling to get motivated and do anything about it, although I knew I needed to.  

I was booked in for a hysterectomy in February 2023 and I knew it would be good to lose some weight before having major surgery, so I purchased a Variety Pack to see if that would get me motivated.  

I found the shakes so yummy, my favourites were Vanilla for breakfast, and Chocolate for lunch. I would have a coffee and a piece of fruit for morning tea, and then my afternoon tea would be a Lady Bar or some fruit. Dinner would typically be meat or fish at the BBQ with salad or veggies.  

By February 2023, six months after I made the decision to lose weight for my surgery, I was weighing in at 66kgs. Because I was at a healthy weight it really helped my recovery from my hysterectomy, and by July 2023 I had lost another 5kgs, and am still maintaining that.  

I’m in the maintenance stage of my Lady Shake journey so far, which means I have a shake for breakfast, and then a regular healthy lunch and dinner. If I feel like I have indulged too much I will have a shake for lunch for a few days as well.  

Since my surgery my partner and I have purchased e-bikes, and I’m loving being outdoors. I’ve found that I feel so much younger and fitter since loosing weight. I feel like me again!  

I still purchase the Buy 3 Get 1 Free pack, and my morning shake is my favourite meal of the day! For anyone who is sitting on the fence about trying to shakes, I would definitely recommend to give them a go! They’re so delicious, and so convenient. I even took them travelling to New Zealand recently and they were awesome!