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Jessica Lost 34kg On The Lady Shake!


Ever since high school, I have been a size 18-20, through my 2 pregnancies and all. While I was happy that I was maintaining my weight and not ballooning any further, I always had that nagging feeling of wanting to lose it, making promises that I would, but never having the will or motivation to actually do anything about it.


In August of 2023, inspired by my upcoming wedding in December 2024 (and wanting to look fabulous), and seeing my sister’s amazing journey of her own, I decided to finally do something about my weight after 16 years of being stagnant. I officially began my Lady Shake journey on September 4th 2023 at 106.4kg. As of Tuesday 18th March, I was sitting at a nice 72.3kg, an AMAZING 34.1kg loss.


My typical day consists of a morning walk at 5:30am (which now takes me 40-50 minutes for 5kms), then I have a shake for breakfast at 9am (with psyllium husk and Chocolate Greens). Morning tea at 11am (high protein snack), lunch shake at 1pm (with psyllium husk), afternoon tea at 3:00pm (protein or fibre snack with a piece of fruit) and dinner at around 5:30-6pm. 


I then fast until breakfast the next day. My favourite Lady Shake is the Choc Mint, followed closely by the Chocolate Honeycomb. I usually get these two flavours with Chocolate and Cookies & Cream in the Buy 3 Get 1 Free pack available on the Lady Shake website. I found it’s the best value and it's straight from the source.


I still have those special occasions (birthdays, dinners and events) but try to offset the extra calories taken in by extending my fast or consuming fewer calories on adjacent days. I have been lucky and have only had two weeks with a weight increase and no plateaus. The weight has been coming off and I am finally feeling better about my appearance and wellbeing.


I have found that when I do indulge in extra food (I have been out to dinner twice in the past two months – one at an all-you-can-eat restaurant) I actually feel pain from the extra food (and bloating) that I never used to experience.


This journey to me is more than a diet, it has become a lifestyle change. I don’t feel like I will be able to go back to my old habits (even if I wanted to) as I don’t think my body could handle it. The Lady Shake Rapid Loss Program has helped me change the way I think and my body in more ways than I could explain. I feel more energised now than ever, and while my journey will be different to others, the best piece of advice I can offer is to get in the right mindset before starting — that’s what has mattered most to me.


I’m so close to my goal target of 65kg and can’t wait to start the next chapter in my journey of toning and maintenance.