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Jamie Lost 24kg On The Lady Shake


Hi, my name is Jamie, and I started The Lady Shake on 1st November 2023. My motivation behind starting was because everything I was eating before didn't agree with me and I was on the border line of diabetes. I haven't had junk food like McDonald's, KFC or Dominos for five months while I’ve been on the shakes. The Lady Shake has taught me to think about what I’m eating and I’m feeling good.

I can walk faster and further than I could five months ago. I have always been big since late teenage years. I'm 33 now, I suffer with depression and anxiety, so I was eating whatever I wanted whenever. 




My go-to pack is the mixed box I buy from Woolworths. I found Choc Hazelnut, Choc Honeycomb, Cookies & Cream, and Passionfruit ice cream at Terry White chemist, and they are nice. I like mixing flavours; I don't really have a favourite flavour but there aren't any I don't like.


I am feeling happier now that I have lost 23.9kg. Starting at 142.9kg, I’m down to 119 kg. Going from a size 26 to size 18 or 20, depending on what shop I go to. 


A great quote I saw on my Facebook page is ✨️You are the greatest project you'll ever work on. Restart, reset, refocus, as many times as you need to, just never give up. 🫶