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What To Look For In A Skin Firming Cream

Weight loss


If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight over a short period of time then you might have noticed some saggy skin. Don’t worry! It’s completely normal.


While saggy skin post-weight loss can’t be completely avoided, we do have some tips on how you can reduce it! A lot of people are investing skin firming screams in a bid to help with the sag, but what should you look for when you’re on the hunt for one of these creams?

Key Ingredients

One of the reasons our skin sags in general is because our bodies are no longer producing collagen – which is exactly why we put collagen in our shakes! And the best way to take collagen is to ingest it, it’s more easily absorbed by the body, so if you’re on The Lady Shake, you’re off to a good start!

  • Collagen: Topical application of collagen will still help, so when you’re searching for a skin firming cream make sure collagen is one of the key ingredients. 

  • Vitamin C & E: Keep an eye out for products with antioxidants like vitamin C and E, both of which are in our shakes! Because they support overall skin health and have skin tightening properties. 

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Products with hyaluronic acid should be your go-to as well because hyaluronic acid promotes collagen synthesis, meaning it’ll help to tighten the sag and as a bonus, it’s very hydrating for the skin.

Studies & Reviews

Do your research! Have a look at clinical studies and reviews to see the product's true effectiveness. Clinical studies will provide scientific evidence in skin firming and reviews will show real results from other customers.

The Bottom Line

Skin firming creams may help with saggy skin after weight loss, but you have to be consistent! These creams aren’t a one-time fix, they’ll become part of your daily skincare routine. 


If you’re interesting in buying a skin firming cream make sure to focus on ingredients that have been studied to help tighten skin and research before you buy.