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Spotting Signs Of Cognitive Decline In A Loved One



Cognitive decline is a daunting thought for ageing ladies and their loved ones. While there are preventative measures that can lower the risk of developing this decay as you age, it’s important to recognise the signs in friends and family so you can be better equipped to support them.


Here’s what you should look out for.

Memory Loss

Short-term memory loss in particular is often the first recognisable symptom of cognitive decline. These are the signs you should look out for:

  • Asking the same question/repeating themselves often

  • Mixing up words

  • Getting lost travelling in a known area

  • Forgetting common words when speaking

These are the primary signs exhibited when someone’s memory recall starts to decline.

Changes In Judgement & Behaviour

While memory loss may be the most notable sign disrupting someone’s lifestyle, mild cognitive impairment can cause judgement and behavioural issues. Here are the signs:

  • Can’t follow the plot of a movie or book

  • Trouble following a conversation

  • Difficulty making decisions or finishing tasks

  • Difficulty following instructions

  • Developing poor judgement

Like memory loss these symptoms typically develop gradually so if you notice even the most subtle of signs in a senior loved one, check in with them and take them to the doctor! 

The Bottom Line

If you’re spotting cognitive decline in a loved one, you’re no doubt worried about their health and safety, especially if they live alone. One great thing about our brain is that it can be trained – if you’re noticing signs of memory loss in a loved one, social connection and brain training games can go a long way.


While we've got tips on how to support your senior loved ones, and even foods to promote healthy brain ageing, to give you some peace of mind, our best advice? Offer your full support and encourage lifestyle changes like diet, exercise and brain training games that can prevent a further decline in cognitive function.