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Is It Normal For My Knees To Crack?



If you’ve noticed your knees cracking when you squat down or stand up, you might have some concerns. Our knees are prone to gradual wear as we age, and while it can be a worry hearing a popping sound when we bend them, ‘knee noise’ is very common!


But there comes a time where it can be a cause for concern. 

Why Do Knees Crack?

Believe it or not, knee cracks are normal! So long as the cracking brings you no discomfort.


The main cause of the knee cracking is cavitation. If you’re experiencing painless knee cracks, the noise is likely due to small air bubbles inside the joint fluid, which build up with joint pressure. 


Sometimes it’s related to the way your kneecap tracks – this is also normal. As the kneecap tracks on the end of your thigh bone, it can follow a path with a slight bump within the cartilage. When it crosses over the bump, you’ll hear a snap, but it’s no cause for concern. 


Another ‘normal’ knee crack is more common in your older years simply due to gradual wear and tear. This is known as crepitus, and it occurs when cartilage under the bone has worn down, and the two surfaces of the bone grind together – if there’s no pain or swelling, don’t worry!

When Does Knee Cracking Become A Concern?

You shouldn’t worry about any knee noise unless you’re experiencing swelling, pain or stiffness. If you do feel pain after a knee crack, it might be in an indicator that your joint is unstable. The same goes for if your knee locks.


If your knee pops are bringing pain, swelling or stiffness then it could indicate cartilage damage, osteoarthritis or meniscus tears. Stay on top of regular health check-ups, there's certain conditions women are more at risk of, and some that don't show symptoms!

The Bottom Line

Painless knee cracks are no cause for concern! They can happen at any age, but they are more common in seniors. Strength training, running and swimming are ideal training exercises to help with knee cracks as they support bone health. 


Diet can also help strengthen the knees, and The Lady Shake is full of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D which support bone health.