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How Walking Helps With Back Pain



Walking is underestimated for the numerous health benefits it offers. It’s a low impact exercise that promotes a healthy heart and can help you lose weight! It’s a good idea to incorporate walking into your daily routine for a number of reasons, and the latest being – it might just alleviate or prevent back pain.


But what does that look like?

Strengthening & Stabilising

One of the main ways walking helps ease back pain is that it strengthens the muscles that support your spine. When you walk, especially if it’s briskly or uphill, your core muscles engage to stabilise your body, this includes the muscles in your abdomen and back which play a key role in supporting your spine. 


Strengthening these muscles helps maintain proper spinal alignment which reduces the likelihood of experiencing back pain to begin with!

Joint Mobilisation

Walking requires consistent weight-bearing and repetitive motion, which helps mobilise and lubricates the joints, including those in the lower back. Mobilised and well-lubricated joints are less inclined to become stiff, reducing the risks of injuries and helping to relieve tension. 

Promotes Good Posture

A lot of people with back pain could help themselves out by fixing up their posture. We’ve got some tips on natural ways to relieve back pain, but walking alone can help keep a good posture!


Walking encourages a more natural spinal alignment and helps stretch out tight muscles that might contribute to poor posture. 

How Much Should I Walk?

For general fitness, it’s recommended that we get in 10,000 steps per day, which can be hard to do! We’ve got some tips on how to easily up your step count, and if you need the motivation, why not walk for charity


If you work in an office it can be tricky to get your 10K a day! So why not try deskercise? Just be mindful you’re keeping a good posture.

The Bottom Line

If you suffer from back pain, walking might just help relieve some of the tension. We know finding that spark to exercise can be quite the obstacle, so if you’re having trouble getting started due to low energy levels, give our product BOOST a go! It’s designed to rev up your metabolism, enhance focus, keep you hydrated and give you long-lasting energy to power through your day.