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5 Hacks To Make Your New Years Goals Stick.


It's a new year so time for a new you right?

We have all these high hopes and dreams of losing the excess weight, starting that business or going on an adventure right? It's one thing to have a goal or dream but without a plan that's exactly what it is, a dream. To help you get there, here are 5 Hacks to make your new year's resolution stick!



One of the best ways to stick to your NYE goals is being held accountable by friends and family. When you tell people about what you're trying to achieve you increase your chances by up to 60%. A study was done at the U.S Society of Training and Development based around the practice of "Social Expectation" which means if you try and sneak off to eat a burger or chocolate bar the idea is that the people you have told will pull you up.

If you want to go harder then organize with a friend or family member to do a weekly checkup covering your progress.



Now we are not promoting gambling but when you're trying to achieve goals having something to lose can have a massive effect on the outcome. So grab your a friend, your hubby or family member and make a bet with them, but it has to be something tangible (Money, Event or Promise etc)

It has to be something worthwhile, something you will be willing to defend. If you can do this your chances of reaching your goals will skyrocket!




What gets measured get's done, it's another form of accountability. Research done by the National Weight loss Register has been done on 10,000 people who had lost around 30 pounds (14kg) and kept it off for over a year. The key habit to their success was measured, so once a week they would weigh-in to keep track of their progress and also kept a food journal (My Fitness Pal is a great App to use).



Did you know that you are a reflection of your 5 closest friends? It's based off the 5 monkey theory which means that primates will often mirror the behaviour of their 5 closest companions. Believe it or not but research has been done by The Journal Of Obesity that has concluded that people who hang around people who are healthy and eat well are more likely to make healthier decisions as opposed to hanging out with people with bad diets. 
What it comes back to is we become a product of our environment. If you are hanging out with people who have a more unhealthy lifestyle then more often than not you will follow suit without even knowing it. Our tip is to find people with common goals or ideas to yourself and spend more time there.




Research has shown that our brains are hard-wired that when we achieve a goal we get a hit of Dopamine (Feel Good Hormone). Which means we are always searching for something to get better or get the reward. The plan is to set small achievable goals every day as opposed to a big goal so far away. There is nothing wrong with having a big goal but getting there is all about momentum.

If you start setting small measurable goals simple things like drinking a glass of water every morning or going for a walk around the block will turn into healthy habits. So the more SMART GOALS you set the more SMALL WINS you will have and turn them into HEALTHY HABITS that will ultimately push you forward into a happier healthier life.