Nutty Oats

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:21 June 2017 

* 1/2C rolled oats
* 30g mixed nuts (small handful) nuts include walnuts, cashews, macadamias, almonds and coconut flakes
* 1/2 C (150g or 4 heaps tablespoons)  plain greek yoghurt

Adams tip - have 1 scoop Lady Shake or low sugar protein powder with 1C milk if you don't want yoghurt
Add 1 Tablespoon Chia seeds to increase your fibre


1. in a small bowl make your nutty oat mix by mixing your oats with your nuts
2. add your greek yoghurt on top (or man shake) and eat

Tip: make up a big batch for entire challenge and store in a plastic container. 
for every 1/2 C oats add 30g mixed nuts - easy!