Mellissa is looking Fit and Fab!

Mellissa O. NSW

“As a young adult I was always fit and healthy playing sport and enjoying what life had to offer. When I became a mum I had little time to do sport etc. After an injury and surgery I struggled with my weight and have done so for years.

I turn 50 this year and I want to be fit fab and fifty not fat flabby and fifty. We have a holiday planned and I want to make sure I am able to enjoy all that it has to offer. My health just wasn’t good always with aches and pains and when I got ill it was starting to always take longer to get better.

I feel like I have my life back!!! 9.5weeks of using The Lady Shake I have dropped 15kg. I have been sleeping better and have so much more energy. I use to go to the osteopath every week and I only go once a month now. It’s been great going into ladies clothing stores and knowing I can just buy there now. My family have seen a big change not only in my size but my drive to keep going.

I love when my 22yr son puts his arms around me and tells me he is proud of me.

I would say what have you got to loose apart from kilos!!! The shakes are affordable and work if you are willing to work.

I was super strict the first 4 weeks no alcohol, no drinks from cans, no bread, added lots of drinking water and walking my fitbit has really helped to make sure I am moving enough and that really is a key word ENOUGH!

I have been having 2 shakes a day and eating dinner with my family most nights. I have made sure to include healthy small snacks to keep the metabolism going, there are days I am not hungry however I will still get out a Lady Bar and have a few bites.
It isn’t all work and no play now we still enjoy a meal out and I enjoy a bourbon on the weekend!”



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