Olive drop a dress size in a month!

Author: The Lady Shake   Date Posted:7 March 2018 

Olive H, NSW - Winner of The Lady Challenge Share Your Results Competition


"I have struggled with my weight for my whole life. At the age of nine I weighed in at 90kgs, so as time went by it didn’t really get any better. Since then I have tried to tackle the 90kg mark and I often given up.

I was given The Lady Shake by a friend and in only a month and a half the results were undeniable. The Lady Shake helped me drop a dress size in a month!

Since then I’ve shared this with my brother and I’m so keen to share with people who have struggled like me. 
Having The Lady Shake I feel amazing, it's so easy and as an on the go social worker, it has made it so easy to have lunch and breakfast without a hassle. 
There is hope and I found it in The Lady Shake. Anyone can do it the only thing stopping you is you."