Date Posted:16 August 2016 

Did you know, studies have shown that getting rid of unwanted items not only in your wardrobe, but in your pantry as well and changing things up is almost as good as a holiday! Almost :).

With help from and food network, we have come up with 5 ways to spring clean your pantry this upcoming spring while keeping your kitchen in tip top shape!
1.Eliminate double buying! This is one that I think we all have a tendency to do as it is easy to push things to the back of the fridge or pantry and forget it’s there. By removing doing a cull and a clean it will help avoid this easy mistake.
2.Chuck the junk food in the bin! Whatever your goal this spring may be, clearing the shelves of anything unhealthy you may have will also fight temptation and leave room for replacing it with healthy foods and snacks. Out of sight, out of mind right? :)

3.Ensure that such foods you might have like spices, oils and nuts are in date and if not toss them and replace, as they can also go rancid when kept out past there used by date. If you want a longer shelf life for expensive nuts and seeds store them in your fridge or freezer. 

4.Organise your like items together in your pantry and fridge. No we aren’t advocating OCD but for example, keeping the cereals together, the oils and sauces together and the nuts and seeds is a system that will make it easily accessible eliminate clutter in the pantry!

5.And last but not least, keep an inventory of the things that your are buying. The thought of this might seem like an effort, but it is a great way to document what you already have to avoid double buying, avoid purchasing unhealthy foods get ready for the spring/summer season!

We know very well how easy it can be to fall back into old habits especially in our pantry where no one can see. These tips will help as a guide and as seen on our website, we have healthy recipes and cooking methods made easy!