Date Posted:2 August 2016 

Ever struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the winter season? Does the cold weather increase your cravings of rich and heartier foods? As it is hard to dodge the flu and keep active, here are 5 hot tips from Body and Soul on how and why staying slim and keeping fit this winter can be easier than ever!

  1. To avoid disregarding the recommended daily intake of fruit and veggies, juicing them is a great way to boost your diet and maintain a strong immune system to keep you lively and healthy! Make sure you have the pulp, using a juicer like Nutri-Bullet.
  2. Maintaining regular exercise throughout winter can contribute to a healthier immune system and keep the blood and energy levels flowing. Although it is easy to slacken off in the colder months and become complacent when disregarding exercise, rugging up and going for a walk can also be enough. Every little bit counts!
  3. As it is easy to keep indoors on cold nights, avoiding this temptation can help in terms of socialising and keeping a connected lifestyle.
  4. As a result of feeling good this winter, looking good can also come as an effort on top of eating well, sleeping enough and socialising. Getting your hands on good moisturizers and creams can also help to enrich the skin and prevent dryness and blotchy patches. Keeping hydrated is also an easier way to keep the skin clear and moist.
  5. A good nights sleep can have great impact on how you function on a daily basis. Ensuring that you unwind and relax each night can improve immune systems and boost energy.

As seen on our website, there are many ways to challenge a healthy lifestyle along with our lady shake itself, and still ensure a cheat meal in moderation. It is healthy to eat unhealthy ever once in a while!