Author: Belinda MacDougall   Date Posted:8 January 2016 

It is proven that eating smaller meals helps burn fat!But when it comes to snacking there are soooo many different foods to choose from where to start?


Ideally a snack should have approximately 150 calories and less then approx. 5g of sugar. To work it out simply just turn over the back and look at the nutrition panel and calories and sugar is on the "per serve" section.


Here’s a list of my favourite snacks that will help you at morning and afternoon teatime to make great choices and stay healthy!


1 natural yoghurt (make sure you check the sugar as this can vary greatly between different brands)

25g (approx 4 squares) dark chocolate

1 of our LADY Bars

1 small handful of unsalted nuts - best nuts include walnuts, cashews, macadamias, and almonds

A piece of fruit

165g (3/4 can baked beans)

1 small tin of tuna

2 rice cakes with tomato or 1/4 avocado

Small fruit salad with tablespoon yoghurt

1 nut bar (check calories and sugar) – my favourite is the weight watchers nut deluxe

Carrot and celery sticks with hummus or low fat cottage cheese

Punnet of strawberries with a tablespoon of natural yoghurt.

Time for a guilt free snack xxx