Date Posted:17 February 2017 

As time goes by, we find that we are working longer hours than ever, and if the resource we lack the most is time, the second most would have to be energy... Unfortunately we look for a boost in all the wrong places - such as a 3pm chocolate bar or a sugar filled energy or sports drink.

Here are the top six ways for us ladies to source energy without turning to the sugar hit.

  1. Stay hydrated - When we wake up in the morning we often race out the door and the first drink we have is a coffee. Your body needs water so try to drink some as soon as you wake up and have your coffee fix when you get to work :)
  2. Have a high protein breakfast - A couple of pieces of toast isn't going to cut it. Protein will help keep us fuller for longer, and provide the energy we need to function through the day. That's why The Lady Shake is so great - you get everything you need and it takes just 30 seconds to prepare.
  3. Sleep - We know this point seems totally obvious, but you would be suprised at how many people think they can get by on 5-6 hours sleep, and by get by they mean literally stay awake. To be at your best and have sustained energy throughout the day your body needs time to recuperate overnight. So swtich off and try and get 7-8 hours sleep.
  4. Get out into the sun - Vitamin D is really important and has been proven to boost energy levels. Best thing is that it's free, and for the most part available most of the time.
  5. Exercise - You would think that sweating it up through exercise would be the last thing to do if you were lacking energy but it's true. Short sharp workouts release hormones that make you happy and give you energy. Long drawn out exercises can often do the opposite. A walk or a few at home workouts will help :)
  6. Enjoy a coffee but snack right with it - Coffee is fine to have to combat the 3pm energy slump but what you need to avoid is the cookie/muffin/banana bread that often accompanies it. Try one of our lady bars with your coffee as it has hardly any sugar and tastes great!