Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:10 April 2017 

Any long weekend can be particularly tough for those of us out there trying to get our health and weight under control, but Easter presents its own unique obstacles to plough through. Here are some simple tips to get you by and dodge the extra unwanted kilos this Easter.

  1. Choose seafood - with all the seafood that will be around for this good Friday, it makes it easy to stay healthy – just stick to the grilled variety (avoid the deep fried) and if you do feel like chips with your grilled fish or salmon, go the sweet potato fries baked in the oven. They taste better then the deep fried kind and are better for you.
  2. Go the dark chocolate – it has more antioxidants so is better for you and the key here is to buy quality rather than quantity if you’re trying avoid a blow out. Easter is a great time to have a treat as it is proven that women who don’t satisfy their sweet cravings every now and then tend to overindulge. So enjoy the chocolate without going nuts! An average Easter egg with treats inside has over 1000 calories, whereas a small hollow egg has only 72 calories.
  3. Watch your portion size - if you’re celebrating with friends or relatives this easter, watch your portion size – it is proven that when we eat with others we tend to over eat and go back for seconds – so put what you want on your plate and just stick to the one plate. Avoid the nibbles and snacks that the family seem to roll out at every special occasion as they quickly blow out your daily calorie budget and your waistline.
  4. Avoid soft drinks filled with sugar - I keep saying it but soft drinks are a major killer of your waistlines as they are dead calories, contain way too much sugar and they add up really quickly. The high sugar also spikes your insulin levels and makes you hungry which will then lead you to eat more so try and stick to the H2O.