Date Posted:20 July 2016 

I have been speaking out in recent times about the benefits of a sugar tax, not just on soft drinks but on foods that proclaim themselves as healthy but in reality are loaded with sugar. 

Well today we name and shame. I feel sorry for anyone trying to get healthier not realising the amount of sugar you are consuming is actually making you fatter!

  • Kelloggs Just Right Cereal - on their website they say - "you know that you are giving yourself a nutritious breakfast cereal." with 27.8g of sugar per serve, that's over 6 teaspoons so i dont know how that's a nutritious breakfast when the national health organisation recommends a total of 6 teaspoons PER DAY
  • Up and Go, Choc Ice 500ml -This drink is sold as having the protein, energy and fibre of four Weet-bix and milk and as a "good breakfast option when you are on the go." Well this GOOD option actually has over 9 teaspoons of sugar in a single serve.
  • Nudie Nothing but Oranges Juice without pulp  - Look Nudie aren't alone here, OJ is one to look out for. This one for instance has nearly 5 teaspoons of sugar, and your average juice has 10 teaspoons.
  • Bulla Yogurt Crunch Summer Berry - On the front of this packet it says 97% fat free, which isn't false, but what that does do is give the product a perception that this is healthy. What do you think they replace the fat with? SUGAR! More than 8 teaspoons of sugar to be exact, which means you are eating the same amount of kilojoules as a Magnum ice cream. In addition, consumer watch dog Choice sighted that they say each pot of yoghurt is actually 2.25 serves. So your really having 20 teaspoons if you eat the little tub.
  • Go Natural Apricot Muesli Bar - Just sounds healthy right. WRONG. In a 35g serve (average size of bar), 19g of that is sugar. Yep. that is over 61% of the total bar is sugar. 

The moral of the story here is to check the nutritional label. If you want to check an example look at the one found on bags of The Man Shake - 

Adam MacDougall