Ever wondered how celebrity Mums lose the baby weight so fast even after a few months from giving birth?

Celebrity new mother and wife, Eva Mendes shared with some tips on how to lose your post baby body and still incorporate a fun and happy lifestyle. Here are 5 simple ways to get your post baby body back in shape - 

1. Maintaining exercise- although this can sometimes be hard especially with a new born bub, start off by going for little walks around the block or even walking around a shopping centre can help in terms of keeping active. 
2. Try to keep a routine that is easy to stick to with a new baby, as Eva Mendes shares “I realised that I need routine, I don’t love it but I’ve made peace with that.” This is one way to keep yourself motivated and, incorporating your baby’s routine with your own could also help.
3. Try to maintain a healthy diet - although this may seem difficult as your cravings and eating times may be all out of whack, keeping foods in your eating routine such as chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables is essential. 
4. Keep social- Join a Mothers group or include yourself in activities that other mums are involved in to help motivate you to get out of the house with your baby. Activities such as pilates or yoga are great ways to do this.
5. Write out a plan that works best for you and your personal likes or dislikes. This can help with time management and maintaining your post baby body.

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