Date Posted:21 September 2016 

Ever wondered what some of the most influential celebrities included in their journey to achieving their weight goals? Power woman and influencer Oprah Winfrey shared her 5 top tips with today.com on the things she finds beneficial to losing weight!

  1. Eat seafood like fish, prawns, salmon, scallops and oysters as they are a great way to incorporate protein in your diet and keep a balance in health eating.
  2. Swap savoury cravings for vegetables. Oprah gives an example of how the vegetable Jicama is a great snack to eat instead of potato chips or fatty savoury foods. “I love jicama because you get a crunch.” Best found at an Asian market. 
  3. Change up recipes, swap pasta with zuchinni pasta. Switching things up in the kitchen can help when preparing healthy meals, such as swapping the pasta in spaghetti for zucchini pasta or using squash and adding noodles.
  4. Drink more water to help cut out calories and rehydrate your body. People often disregard how important water is for your body, change things up by adding ginger to your water or even lemon, these work as antioxidants for the body as well.
  5. Although carbohydrates aren’t always bad for us, one great way to mixing things up a little is swapping potatoes for cauliflower! Oprah suggests mash cauliflower is a great way into tricking your body to eating this instead of mash potato. She will also often add one potato to get the similar texture.

Just like Oprah’s diet, we too know that leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy for some. But with these little cheat facts and pointers from celebrities, and with our recipes, meal plans and shakes on our website, staying slim can be simple and easy to maintain!