Date Posted:13 September 2016 

5 tips to stay healthy these school holidays and not let junk food take control!

For everyone with kids, as the school holidays are approaching it is very easy to slip out of our healthy eating habits and fall in to bad eating habits. Here are 5 ways to stay healthy these school holidays and still enjoy the time with your kids :)

  1. Involve the kids in your cooking process! Doing this will help them be apart of your healthy eating regime and allow for all of you to cook healthy meals together as a family and get everyone involved!
  2. Cook healthy meals! Cooking meals that the kids will enjoy like rice paper rolls filled with vegetables and fresh ingredients will allow for a healthy snack and keep the kids happy. Turkey meat balls or even healthy slices are also great and will get the kids involved in helping you make them.
  3. Avoid the junk option! So it’s quite obvious that your children are going to want to do fun things in the holidays like movies or go to the shopping centre and this can be an easy trap for eating unhealthy or choosing the wrong menu option! To avoid this, pre packing healthy snacks to the cinema to avoid buying junk food will help or opting for a healthy chicken salad in the food court rather than a crispy wrap from KFC will also help. :)
  4. Try and pre plan holiday activities. As there is plenty of warning when the kiddies are going on a break, this is a great time to plan some fun and active options for the kids to do while they are on holidays. Going for walks on the beach or around the neighbourhood and going for bike rides daily is a great option rather than staying in doors. This is also a great excuse for you to keep up your health routine and stay fit! Get creative and active, I promise you won’t regret it!
  5. Organise outdoor activities with family or friends. Picnicking is a fun activity and a great way to get the kids and yourself outdoors mingling and having fun with other friends. As this is normally done on weekends, it is easier to make the most of this during school holidays and is a great way to keep the kids from saying they are bored! Another excuse to make healthy snacks and be creative. :)

For more great recipe ideas for these upcoming school holidays, our Lady Shake website offers a range of different snacks and meals that will come in handy for you and the kids! :) xx