Date Posted:21 September 2016 

As summer is approaching, we generally tend to freak out because we either aren’t ready to slip into swimmers or are still carrying some of the excess winter bulge! Well fear no more as we have come up with 5 tips to help you slim down this summer and feel confident and happy!

  1. Replace any sugary liquids with water. I know this may come up a lot of the time as we always stipulate to drink lots of water, but it is such a vital method when wanting to slim down and is the best way to cleanse on the inside and outside for your skin!
  2. Eat the right foods for weight loss. As we suggest, keep a high protein diet and avoid major sugar intakes. Eating fruits, greek yoghurt, nuts, veggies, chicken and fish will keep you full and feeling slimmer.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast! We know how important not skipping meals is in the weight loss process. Skipping meals won’t help you lose weight but will make you hungrier and more inclined to eat more in your next meal. A high protein breakfast will benefit your daily eating habits.
  4. Try not to eat out more than once a week! Although you can order healthier options on the menu, it is still a lot healthier to eat in through the week and limit yourself to one night on the weekend for a cheat meal/eating out.
  5. Try and exercise for at least 10 minutes a day. For those of you with a busy schedule and who find constantly exercising difficult, it is not all about spending hours in the gym. Taking 10 minutes out each day to do any form of exercise or even going for walks will benefit your weight loss journey.

For more weight loss tips, head to our website as we offer recipes, other tips and our own Lady Shake that will be a great kick start in helping you lose weight and slim down for summer!xx