4 Easy Ways To Reset Your Diet After the Festive Season

Date Posted:13 April 2017 

1. Rehydrate


Chances are like us, you over indulged over the festive season. However, did you stop to think how much water you were consuming in the process? You might not have hit your 2-3 litre mark and after a long weekend of snacking on sweets your body is quite possibly dehydrated. Water detoxifies the body, transports oxygen to cells, helps your metabolism and protects our organs. Neglect the water for a few days and your body will feel it.


2. Focus on the now not the has been


For some people, breaking a healthy eating pattern can be their undoing. Don’t let it be yours. The instant 'lift' we get from sugar is one of the reasons we turn to it at times of celebration or when we crave comfort and reward.

However, the pleasant sugar rush triggers an increase in insulin as the body strives to bring blood glucose levels back to normal. This has the knock-on effect of causing a 'sugar crash' and makes many crave more sugar, which can lead to a cycle of binge-eating.

The instant satisfaction we get from sugar is one of the reasons we turn to it at times of celebration, however sugar rush increases the insulin in our body in an attempt to bring blood glucose levels back to normal. What comes from this is a ‘sugar crash’ which can often lead to a cycle of more binge eating.

So chances are come Tuesday, you are still craving junk food and sugar. Use your willpower to overcome this by opting for food high in protein and good fats to keep you fuller for longer to avoid the sugar craving. The Lady Bars are a great sweet tasting snack without the nasties that will keep you full between meals and stop you from reaching for that Mars bar.

3. Don’t Deprive Yourself

Cutting out all your favourite foods in an attempt to reserve the weekend binge is a sure fire way to enhance feelings of deprivation. Instead smart swap your foods so you feel you are still giving your body what it wants. Have a small tub of plain greek yogurt after dinner instead of a bowl of ice-cream.

4.  Simplify your lifestyle

Simplifying your life can lead to you making better decisions when it comes to your food choices and leaves less room to slip up. Try some easy tips like preparing what you are going to wear to work the night before so this gives your more time in the morning to prepare a healthy breakfast rather than grabbing a muffin on the go. Alternatively our Lady Shake is the ideal meal on the go, full of protein, vitamins and minerals to start your day the right way. Purchase here  http://www.theladyshake.com.au/for-her/