Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:19 June 2017 

Ever step foot into a restaurant hesitant because you are currently trying to lose weight and think your food choices might kill your diet? Well think again! We've got you covered with these 4 tips to remember next time you and the wifey are dining out on the weekend -

1. DINE IN THE LIGHT - This might sound strange, but studies have found that people who ate in places that had a brighter light were more likely to order healthier food options than those who dines in the dimmed lighted restaurants as we are more alert on what we order when the light is brighter... And are more likely to order 39% more calories when dining in the dark...  Might seem strange but it's true!

2. SAY NO TO THE STARTERS - Although you might be starving when you sit down to eat, try and avoid the buttery, oily bread starters. Research has shown that people who consumed a protein based appetizer like prawn cocktails or olives rather than a slab of bread and butter consumed 16% less calories in their entrees and mains then those who scoff bread.

3. DON'T HESITATE ON A DOGGY BAG - Studies have shown when you ask for a doggie bag you are more likely to eat less and take home what you can't finish. As studies have show our bodies eat 90% of the food infront of us that is served to us...

4. BEWARE THE STARTER SALADS - Yes it is always good to start on a salad, but a lot of restaurants these days tend to over pile the starter salads with unhealthy creamy dressings or deep fried chicken or seafood. Don't fall for this tasty temptation. Opt for the green vegetable salads with light dressings instead and start your dining experience off the light and right way.