Sara Loses Over 13kgs

Author: Monica Galli   Date Posted:15 December 2017 

" Since starting The Lady Shake, I have been able to lose the first 13.7kg reasonably easy. 

I have decided to look after myself and be aware of how I was treating my body and work on fixing it, so that I'm able to live a long and healthy life. And be able to be a inspiring role mode for my young daughter. I have always struggled with my weight and I don't want her to have to go through that in her life.
I started The Lady Shakes in September and have found it a very easy program, I have a shake for breakfast as it is so quick and easy and also have a shake at lunch whilst I am busy at work so that I can have my main meal at dinner time with my daughter. I try my hardest to add in exercise when I can but with a busy life it can be hard to fit in sometimes. This is my next goal to try and allocate more time to get out walking. I take The Lady Shake, watch my daily calorie intake, I drink at least 2 or more ltrs of water per day and I've drastically reduced my sugar intake since starting on the shakes.
I find the service and added help offered by The Lady Shake company has been wonderful, emailing me to check in to see how I'm going with my progress. It's also a very affordable program to be able to follow. I'm thankful for getting referred to this product by a family member.